Inject a little fun into your manis with the fab new effects. The Nails Inc. Special Effects Sprinkles nail polish collection might be just what you need to break out from any beauty rut.

The universe of fabulous, playful tones is constantly expanding and new effects are constantly tempting us to expand our vision as to what is possible and flattering. As the rainy season progresses, we'll definitely get to see lots of sophisticated tones worth experimenting with, but what about having a little fun in the meanwhile? If you love injecting a little fun into your manis, the new Nails Inc collection can certainly prove an interesting alternative worth playing with.

The new tones are certainly delicious-sounding, especially since they were inspired by cupcakes. Sure, caviar manis sound like fun, but what about finding new choices and effects such as sprinkles? It might just inspire you to find new stylish alternatives you wouldn't have thought of otherwise. Check out these fabulous new tones:

Pudding Lane Sprinkles Nails Inc. Nail Polish Sugarhouse Lane Sprinkles Nails Inc. Nail Polish Topping Lane Sprinkles Nails Inc. Nail Polish Sweets Way Sprinkles Nails Inc. Nail Polish

Pudding Lane - Teal with navy and gold sprinkles
Sugarhouse Lane - Pastel grey with monochrome sprinkles
Topping Lane - Pink with cerise, silver and purple sprinkles
Sweets Way - White with pastel blue, pink and silver sprinkles

These sparkly, gorgeous pastels are perfect for a variety of occasions being extremely versatile and fun. The mere source of inspiration, cupcakes, is enough to put a smile on your face. Lusting after these amazing tones? You can get them right now at the brand's official website for £11, or $16.90 at!