Created by former fashion editor Thea Green back in 1999, the Nails Inc. brand has slowly developed over the years becoming one of the most popular nail polish brands in UK. Now the brand is slowly starting to expand and US based consumers will have the chance to experiment with the wonderful nail polish shades as well. Sephora stores will sell 42 mesmerizing nail polish shades created by the UK brand.

Nails Inc have become well known for creating long lasting, glossy, high quality nail polishes. In addition, formulas are free of controversial and potentially dangerous ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, GMOs or triclosan for the ultimate stress free beauty experience.

Among the nail lacquers soon to be available are three multi colored Special Effect 3 D Glitter topcoats, six of the season’s hottest and uber popular shimmery crackle nail polishes, along with other 4 Crystal Color nail polish shades, which are fairly easily recognizable thanks to the sparkly caps. All nail polishes are named after famous places in UK and London. “Piccadilly Circus”, “The Mall”, “The Thames”, “Carnaby Street” or “The Megalopolis” are just some of the names that will clearly remind you of the rich British heritage behind the eye-catching hues.

These mesmerizing nail polish shades will retail for $9.50 each. There is also a limited offer for the Colour Collection, which features 4 ultra flattering shades for only $25, instead of the $38, which would be the regular price. In addition to the current nail polish shades available, fans of the brand will be pleased to find out that the autumn winter collection for 2011 created by the brand will also be available in more than 50 Sephora stores.

Nail Inc Available at Sephora US