Are the days of simple, monochrome manis gone? If the newest releases featuring all kinds of interesting effects are to be taken as reference, this might very well be the case. Nails Inc is one of the labels that are leading the way. We’ve already seen a myriad of interesting effects: leather, sprinkles and even graffiti, however the label now pushes things one step forward with a new effect: feathers.

With these magnificent effects, you can make your nails the “it” accessory instead of spending a lot of time. The effect of such option will be nothing short of magnificent. The feather like particle will instantly give your nails a bit of extra fab touch that will instantly get noticed. It’s hard to think of an easier, more straightforward way of beating the winter blues or celebrating the new season arrival.

Nails Inc Bling It On Feathers Manicure Kit

To enable fashionistas to achieve this highly covetable effect, the new kit includes the following: two Bling It On Feather pots, Nails Inc Porchester Square polish, Nails Inc Kensington Caviar top coat, a dusting brush with limited edition feather print handle and an Application tray to catch excess. Ready to dazzle?

To get this cute look you’ll need to pour a small amount of your chosen Nails Inc Bling it On Feathers into the application tray and then apply one coat of nails inc Porchester Square polish to one nail. Next, be sure to gently press your polished nail into the glitter whilst the polish is wet and roll finger side to side to ensure nail is fully coated and gently press the glitter with your finger. The only things left to do are to dust off any glitter from your fingers, using the enclosed dusting brush, finish with one coat of Kensington caviar top coat to seal in the effect and of course repeat the process for each nail.

The Bling it On Feathers set is already available for purchase at

Nails Inc Bling It On Feathers Manicure Kit Nails Inc Bling It On Feathers Manicure Kit