Ladies, say goodbye to plain nails and hello spectacular 3D manis and pedis as Models Own Artstix Nail Beads collection just hit the shelves and boy, how we love these cool nail accessories for summer! A quick glimpse at the lovely microbeads will get you thinking of Ciate’s Caviar Manicure sets and yes, this is the result the pretty tiny textured beads can offer- fab 3D nails- only with a slight difference: these are the world’s first neon microbeads, meaning your digits will surely mesmerize when coated with any of these sizzling eye-popping shades.

Nail art enthusiasts have been going wild for textured nails since the first 3D effect nail add ons have hit the nail art scene so we won’t be surprised if these colorful beads will get those addicted to everything fabulous lining-up at the door to get their hands on these gorgeous bead pots! Five fabulous fluoro microbeads will help spice up your manicure this upcoming season, all you have to do is apply your fave nail polish base (clear or color) and sprinkle the lovely textured accessories on the nail bed following a patter of your choice. Choose to sprinkle the tiny beads all over the nail bed or opt to cover just the tip or create tiny 3D dots using strategically placed beads as regardless of your choice your manicure or your pedicure will surely make jaws drop. Set the beads with a transparent top coat and enjoy your new textured digits.

Models Own Artstix Nail Beads Collection

Models Own Artstix Nail Beads are available in the following ‘look at me I’m hot’ shades:

Neon Orange

Neon Green

Neon Pink



Featured in a nail lacquer shaped bottle the beads will store safely until you’re ready to use them again to upgrade your manicure, so grab on to your favorite shades and start experimenting. Go monochromatic by sprinkling only one shade on your base choice or go wild and colorful by mixing any of these microbeads to create a multichromatic fluoro effect that matches your bubbly personality perfectly. Each Artstix Nail Beads shade retails for £4, meaning fabulous nails don’t have to be all that expensive after all, so dare to explore your options and show the world that your rockin’ the latest trends in nail art!

Models Own Artstix Nail Beads Collection

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