Five intense nail polish shades define the Models Own Velvet Goth fall 2013 collection. Though it still feels rather painful to think about chilly days, we must admit that the prospect of trading ultra bright nail polish tones for darker, more intense shades doesn’t sound half bad especially with options like these ones. What differentiates the Models Own Velvet Goth nail polishes from many others of the same sort?

According to the label, the “extraordinary 2D finish” is the element that makes all the difference. More specifically, the new tones are matte yet sparkly at the same time, creating a cool multi-faceted effect. Plus, each of the bottle cap matches the nail polish shade, a cute detail which makes them even more covetable. 

Despite what the term “Goth” evokes, the new Models Own Velvet Goth nail polish collection does not revolved around the typical chromatic cliches we’ve all seen at one point or another. On the contrary, any glam loving fashionista can feel drawn to these gorgeous shades, whether she went through a goth phase or not:

Models Own Obsidian Nail Polish

Obsidian – A deep charcoal grey matte polish with silver sparkles

Models Own Sardonyx Nail Polish

Sardonyx – A blood scarlet red with pink-red sparkles

Models Own Valerian Nail Polish

Valerian – A rich bottle blue with lighter blue sparkles

Models Own Absinthe Nail Polish

Absinthe – A burst of deep emerald green with lighter sparkles

Models Own Amethyst Nail Polish

Amethyst – A royal purple with lilac sparkles

If you love a bit of sparkle on your fingertips, these limited edition nail polish tones can easily become a cool staple for your beauty kit. After all, dark sophisticated tones are one of the biggest nail polish trends of the fall/winter 2013 season and a cool mani is always a great way to update a look. Plus at £5 per bottle, indulging in more than one cool tone won’t put a significant dent in your wallet. The new Models Own Velvet Goth fall 2013 nail polish collection be available online at starting with September 2nd.  

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Models Own Velvet Goth 2013 Collection