The Models Own Splash nail polishes are the latest surprise the label has prepared for us. If the brand’s Artix Duo polishes have stirred your curiosity, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at the new summer 2013 nail polishes as well. The label gave up delicate tones in favor of bold, vibrant hues which will never fail to create a strong impact.

Taking inspiration from idyllic summer vacations, the sea and distant shores, the new Models Own Splash summer 2013 collection comes with five gorgeous shades with a fab twist. It might seem like there’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to glittery nail polishes, however the British label contradicts that theory by bringing a fab new twist to the new season looks.

“A completely unique glide-on glitter in gleaming jewel shades” is the focus for the Models Own summer 2013 nail polishes. What does that mean precisely? In a nutshell, chunky hand-cut glitters which reflect light and sparkle, making your nails one of the hottest accessories this summer.

Models Own Splash Summer 2013 Nail Polishes   (1)Models Own Splash Summer 2013 Nail Polishes   (2)

Choose between these spectacular new Models Own nail varnishes, as described by the label itself:

1. Aqua Splash – a crystal ripple of sea blue

2. Pink Paradise – a precious mix of flickering pinks

3. Red Sea – a wave of energetic fuchsias-red

4. Golden Shores – a warm sandy coral

5. Mermaid Tears – enchanting droplets of aqua violet

Those who aren’t very familiar with the brand, it definitely pays to mention the fact that the label doesn’t taste on animals. The label’s stand on the matter is clearly expressed on their official website: “Our approach to animal testing is simple. We don’t do it. We don’t test our finished products or ingredients on any animals. End of.” Interested in any of the new Models Own nail polishes for summer 2013? Then you should know that the new nail polishes retail for £5 a bottle at or at Boots.

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Photos: Models Own It