Nail prepped to perfection have become a definite must-have these past few years especially when it comes to special occasions, reason for which a variety of nail art designs have been created. However, the nail products that have revolutionized the nail art industry are Minx nails and their amazing style have gotten celebs madly in love with the products. Because the holiday season is just around the corner and because this is a joyful season, Minx has created amazing Christmas themed nail wraps that you can turn towards to make your nails irresistible.

Get into the holiday spirit by picking your favorite pro nail art design that will surely make jaws drop. The perfect details featured on the Christmas themed nail wraps suit women with different personalities and tastes when it comes to style, varying from more simple to super sophisticated.

Minx nails are a huge hit with fashionistas all over the world and require a professional touch in order for the desired result to be achieved. The pre-manufactured nail coatings are applied to the nail through heat transfer from a lamp that activates the coating, making it adhere to the nail. Minx nails have offered fashion forward women the chance to make a style statement as nail art has become a detail as important as hair, fashion and makeup.

The Christmas theme designs feature an array of gorgeous patterns to choose from, all of which suit perfectly the holiday, bringing snowflakes, candy cane graphic lines, Santa, reindeers and other cool graphic motifs that feature the holiday must have colors: white, silver, red, green and blue. These holiday inspired minx nails are perfect for women who love to stand out from the crowd and who also enjoy tradition with a modern approach, one that will surely not go by unnoticed.

Photos courtesy of Minx Nails