Some collaborations are so great, they absolutely must carry on. We’ve seen the amazing things that can come together when two great perspectives merge first hand with the Melody Ehsani x NCLA nail wraps for 2012. This year, the duo is aiming to exceed style expectations with fresh new options that are bound to become conversation starters.

The new season is all about making a statement. To avoid blending in with the crowd at all costs, the new nail art stickers are full of fun patterns that closely mimic the dominant runway looks.

Fashionistas with beauty commitment issues, this is your way of making sure you stay on top of the latest trends without too much effort.

Melody Ehsani x NCLA Nail Wraps 2013 Melody Ehsani x NCLA Nail Wraps 2013

The voguish patterns don’t center solely around tribal and abstract motifs. The cheerful, colorful animal prints are not neglected and can be a great option for those who are in the quest for the fabulous mani with a wild touch. The cool contemporary flare of the new looks is also reflected in the name choice for these fab statement makers: It don’t matter, Been around the world, Umoja, Pastel Pantera and Wax Print. The relaxed and modern allure is obvious wherever you look. The possibilities as far as customization is concerned are almost endless. Imagination will be your best ally in helping you rock this ubiquitous new nail art trend. These bold prints can be used both as accents, for those who want just an interesting focal point or by themselves, as exemplified, for those who love loud style statements.

Adapting the patterns to your style personality and comfort zone is the best way of staying fab this season. These on trend NCLA x Melody nail wrap designs are already available and retail for $16 each.

Melody Ehsani x NCLA Nail Wraps 2013 Melody Ehsani x NCLA Nail Wraps 2013 Melody Ehsani x NCLA Nail Wraps 2013

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