The nail polish industry succeeds in surprising manicure fans with unique and exquisite collections. They focus on the design, color palette along with the scent. Therefore, more and more nail varnish producers aim to grant the public with a sense-pampering experience.

This time take a closer peek at the Mattése Elite cocktail-scented nail polish collection which offers you the chance to tint your nails with the brightest and most radiant colors and to smell the loveliest aromas of A-list cocktails. The shades will definitely catch the eyes of beauty bunnies who are fond of making a statement with their look. Vamp up your manicure with neon hues that look stunning both for a shopping tour in the city as well as for a glam party event.

Mattése Elite Cokctail-Scented Nail Polish Mattese Elite Hypnotic Nail Polish

For no more than $5.99 each you’ll have the chance to own the hottest nail varnish collection of the season. Feel free to channel your wildest nail art fantasies using the vibrant and vivid shades presented below. The experience of your manicure session will be as overwhelming as if you pampered your tasting buds with a delicious cocktail on a hot day.

Mattese Elite Nail Polish Collection

The shades to choose from are:


Apple Martini

Purple Passion

Tequila Sunrise

Shirley Temple


Image courtesy of Mattese Elite, ricky’s