Well groomed and sophisticated nail designs are in such high demand these days because they look extraordinary. The cosmetic industry has evolved so much even in the manicure department that it is hard to imagine.

No more boring and simple designs, no more glue on nail tips you can now get acrylic or gel nails, and nail polishes which look surreal.There have been so many nail design techniques developed in the last years which allowed 3D designs and beautiful paintings to be performed on the nails.Your choices expand greatly when it comes to manicured nails. You can go simple by wearing French nail polish or you can go extravagant by wearing acrylic or gel nails with superb 3 dimensional designs.

Well manicured nails are appropriate for every occasion depending on the design adopted. You can choose to change your nail polish design as often as you wish or as you can afford. The new nail design techniques and nail polishes are more resistant in order for you to benefit longer from the spectacular nail art designs.

Beautifully manicured nails have always been appreciated and have always created an elegant and sophisticated look. No wonder women loved to paint their nails since ancient times, because painted nails are not only fun they can absolutely change the hands appearance.

Acrylic Nail Art

Before you choose a design make sure you make the right choice. Choose colors which will match and emphasize your outfit. Choose more sophisticated 3 dimensional designs for going on vacation or going to certain parties. Avoid too colorful and obvious nail designs if going at more formal event. For formal event simplicity is the best solution.

If you have nails that break easily and take a long time to grow you can choose to apply gel or acrylic nails. They are the perfect solution to perfect manicured long nails in a matter of hours.

Glam Nails

You can choose a simple French manicure and paint more sophisticated designs over the French nails. That way you can have gorgeous looking nails even after you remove the nail polish. Artificial nails are the best solution for women who don’t have enough time to care for their nails as much. The nails will look well manicured for about 3 weeks without any maintenance. The designs and the materials used are similar to the natural nails and have a glossy finish making the nail appear healthy, strong and lovely.

Choose the design that you love or customize your nails with different unique designs created by you.

Glamor NailsMulti Gliter NailsMulti Print Nail Art

Photos: luminous nails