If you want to save money and do your manicure at home, then try to make it as effective as professionals do. Besides nail polish you’ll need several products that help you in creating flawless manicures.

The following things are ‘must have’ tools of a proper manicure kit. If you’re a rookie in mani, purchase the following items before you start to do your nails.

Nail Polish Remover

This is essential to remove the old nail polish from your nails – this is not its only role, it should also prepare your nails for the upcoming manicure.

Avoid using acetonic nail polish removers, since these can cause a lot of damage to your nails. Instead, non-acetone removers can do miracles with the vitamin E and aloe they contain.

Cotton Balls/Swabs

Cotton balls are important especially when removing old nail polish. You should pour some remover on it, then wipe off the residues. Its benefit is that it can thoroughly absorb anything. When you push back cuticles you can also use these.

Nail Files

Nail files are used to give shape to your nails. Be careful to use it properly, unless you’ll do a lot of harm to your hands. It is essential to keep the direction you started the filing, don’t switch it forth and back again. Extremely long nails should be not tortured with nail files, rather clip them to make it shorten than smoothen it.

Manicure Kit Essentials

Nail Clipper

Nail clippers are used to shorten the length of nails, you can also use scissors if you feel more comfortable with them. Cut the nails then file them – you’ll ease your job. Use clippers designed for fingernails, not for toenails, the latter one is too solid and strong to be able to cope with stronger nails.

Orange Sticks

There were several debates whether cut off or just push up cuticles. This tool is used to push back these, in a healthy and smooth way. If you don’t want to torture your nails, use cotton swabs to do it. Orange sticks are also used to clean the dirt or residues under the nails.

Cuticle Oil

Cuticles can reflect health problems, that’s why it is essential to treat them gently. Several alarming signs on the nails can suggest when cuticles are torn or hurt. Cuticle oils soften and regenerate these, moreover provides a protective layer that guarantees the health of cuticles. You can massage it into your nails as often as you feel the need for it.

Nail Polishes

We got to the final state of manicure. Nail polishes of different shades and textures can brighten up our look. However it is also important to do the nail coloring process properly. Use nail strengtheners as first or base coat to protect your nails, then nail polish. Finally cover the colored polish with top coat, to add shine to nails and prevent chipping.