In the quest for the hottest trends of the moment we’ve always found that taking a look at the Deborah Lippmann launches can immediately satisfy our curiosity and offer plenty of trendy covetable tones with each launch. The label doesn’t disappoint this time around either, bringing its own take on the trend that’s currently on everyone’s lips…or should we say fingers? Magnetic nail polish, of course. Just three tones are enough to make us want to get the feeling of sophistication with a trendy vibe we lust after so much.

The Magnet Appeal Nail Polish Set is as much of a confirmation of the fact that the trend is here to stay as it is a fab way to make the transition towards new season looks as effortless as possible. Though bold, the mini tones are not too bright which means that you won’t have to worry about being overly conspicuous or looking summery. Indulge in these three mesmerizing tones:Magic Man – a midnight navy wave.Punk Princess – a gilded raspberry wave.Hard Knock Life – a gunmetal black wave

Naturally, the set also includes a custom-designed magnet to create the unique wave design that has become so coveted right now. Embracing imperfection is highly recommended, which is why the designs don’t have to look exactly the same on each nail. Experimenting with varied patterns is part of the fun. The new magnetic Deborah Lippman set is already available and retails for $29.

Magnet Appeal by Deborah Lipmann Fall 2012 Magnetic Nail Polish Set Magnet Appeal by Deborah Lipmann Fall 2012 Magnetic Nail Polish Set

Photo courtesy of Deborah Lippmann, Neiman Marcus