Jon Soon Choi is indeed considered one of the most visionary nail color creators who is eager to channel her talent through the series of collaborations with MAC cosmetics. Those who are thrilled to complete their collection of nail polishes with brand new and breathtaking shades should definitely take a closer glimpse at the MAC Nail Trend Fall 2010 by Jin Soon Choi.

As the mastermind behind the collection claims this season the chief inspiration for the selection of the shades was the Forbidden City with its pleasures as well as the unique tiles, decorative papers as well as sculptures, fabrics and also architecture of Imperial China.

Those who are familiarized with this culture would find the color palette righteously fascinating. Myth is fused with the beauty of nature as well as the power of various hues in our life. Find out more on the top 6 colors that are joined by an over-lacquer when sold in the same ensemble.



Turn your nails into eye-popping accessories with this color that combines blackened red with red shimmer. The subtle tones as well as glittery glam ingredients all contribute to the vivid and mysterious allure this nail polish radiates.

Earthly Harmony

Earth tones are also popular this season therefore expand the color palette and choose similar colors that appeal to the sight-pampering effect of muted Taupe with copper shimmer in order to charm you. Dress up your nails with this shade that serves as the perfect detail to complete you school or office chic outfit.

Ming BlueImperial Flower

Ming Blue

Imperial shades that radiate a high class and aristocratic vibe are also included into this fab selection. Cobalt blue with teal and red shimmer is the name of the game if you wish to amaze your admirers with your stylish manicure. Use this hue to make your nail art even more memorable.

Imperial Flower

Looking for a color that would attract immediate attention? Then this bright reddish orange with gold and red shimmer is the perfect means to guarantee the crowd-pleasing result of your manicure. Shimmery tones paired with the spotless application of the color are all A-list ingredients of an A-list manicure.

Jade DragonRain of Flowers

Jade Dragon

Let yourself be inspired by this meaningful and one-of-a-kind emerald green with teal shimmer color combination and make sure you are ready for the admiring gaze a similar manicure would provoke. Use Jade Dragon as the all time winner accessory to add a glam patch to your boring weekdays as well as special date night.

Rain of Flowers

The blackened violet with violet shimmer would make you feel and look hot when sported for all kind of events. You manicure will radiate a refined style sense as well as fondness for exquisite shades and textures. Rain of flowers as the name denotes is one of the most intense and profound shades of the whole collection.

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