Drench your manicure in the brightest and eye-catching hues. Work with high quality nail polish formulas to make sure you secure the long-lasting glamor of your chic nails. The lovely summer nail color ideas below will furnish you with the necessary motivation to go bold with your beauty rituals.

Party events scream for a nail art that attracts immediate attention. Don’t get stuck in a style rut by sticking to a limited color palette. It’s time to move on and kiss goodbye to the moody shades of the winter season. The summer is calling and it encourages us to flip through the army of nail varnish collections available on the market.

Yellow Nail Color Blue Nail Color Red Nail Art Taupe Nail Color

Upgrade your manicure to the newest color trends by dropping a glimpse at these style-saving ideas. Use classy red or dark tones to arm up your nails with a high class groove. If you wish to experiment with the suit-all hues consider taupe, red and metallic tones as your secret weapon to stand out from the crowd. Match these stylish colors with your skin tone and character. Give a modern twist to your appearance by opting for a manicure that radiates confidence and refinement.

Your short nails will look simply stunning when tinted with similar shades. On the other hand, those who have acrylic nails can also enjoy the infinite benefits of sight-grabbing nail polish hues. Blue, green along with yellow will prove to be your favorite means to wow the fashion armada with an unconventional and inspiring look. Crown your fashionista outfit with a similar statement accessory.

Gray Nail Color Red Nail Color Green Nail Color Blue Nail Color

Image courtesy of elle.com, style.com