Invest in your favorite nail polish color palette and take a closer peek at these chic style inspirations to make sure you wear the on trend manicure designs of the moment. It is so much fun to experiment with the multitude of hues that it would be pity to stick to a few time-tested styles. Try your hand at a rich color scale also promoted by the fashion gurus of the moment during their fashion shows.

These models will provide you with a few lovely nail color ideas for the warm season. Spice up your look with tinted nails that can definitely crown a party or classy outfit. Let your mani speak for your beauty-awareness! From bright to candy and neutral shades all wait for you to try them out and offer the best example on how to keep nails in top shape.

Dazzle in the summer sun with these chic nail color options. Enhance the beauty of your super-comfy short or on the contrary luxe acrylic nails. Raid the local beauty store for the newest nail polish collections that include colors that can be easily adapted to different skin tones. Your nail shape and length will have an important role in the selection of an ultra-flattering manicure.

The many shades of grey and silver together with creamy pastels will allow you to rock out pop nail art trends lined up also on the runway. In the midst of the party season it is your beauty bunny duty to keep a keen eye on your manicure. Work only with high quality formulas to ensure the long-lasting effect of your nail art. Dress up your look with a modern edge and channel your style fantasies into a statement manicure.

Prep your hands and nails for decoration with a deep conditioning treatment. The secret to a perfect canvas is to use formulas rich in various vitamins that secure the flexibility and strength of your nails. These chic nail color ideas won’t require pro skills. All you have to do is pick your favorite shade and apply it with care. A gorgeous manicure reflects your beauty ambitions and allows you to complement your look with an A-list accessory.

If you can’t afford a salon appointment, all you have to do is follow the instructions with care and rely on the visual effect of mono-chromatic nail designs. Uniform nail painting can also look stunning, just check out how Celebsville rocks out the newest nail color trends on the red carpet. There’s no need to mix/match the different shades if you feel confident enough with one sole hue.

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