When it comes to making a strong style statement, bold nail polishes just don’t do the trick anymore. As the industry developed and more beauty innovations started emerging, the expectations of fashionistas increased dramatically. Demanding complex nail art designs that can be applied in the comfort of one’s own home didn’t feel such an unusual thing anymore. As a result we’re seeing a myriad of labels trying to make having gorgeous nails a reality on a daily basis without relying on frequent salon visits.

Among them is Kiss, which prides itself with making ‘fashion that sticks’ and brings a variety of covetable new nail warp styles worth analyzing. Lusting after a sophisticated look with a modern twist? Can’t seem to stop loving animal prints no matter how many variations of them you see? Love experimenting with a variety of funky patterns? Want a gorgeous feminine touch?

Kiss Nail Dress Nail Wraps

The Kiss Nail Dress palette can be the answer to your burning style needs. Bringing a bit of bling into your new season looks doesn’t have to mean relying solely on expensive accessories or other on trend pieces especially since the tridimensional effect of the nail strips will instantly make your hands the main focal point.

A well chosen mani can now be your not-so-secret weapon to fabulous looks in the season to come. Moreover, the creative opportunities these bring are countless. Sure, you can apply a single design and make a fun statement but why stop at it? With a bit of imagination, creating original nail art designs is an extremely plausible outcome you can reach with a bit of practice. Think outside the box to truly bring out your style personality in your manis.

Kiss Nail Dress Nail Wraps

Top: Garter, Corset, Camisole, Peplum Bottom: Bustier, Gown, Cocktail, Mini

Kiss Nail Dress Nail Wraps

Top: Lingerie, Bodysuit, Catsuit, Halter Bottom: Marabou, Peignoir, Push-Up, Boyshorts

Have these fun nail strips sparked a strong desire to experiment with various looks as soon as possible? Then you should know that these are available at your nearest drugstore.

Photo courtesy of Kiss USA