The need for perfectly polished nails that offer the perfect color combined with long lasting results has led to the development of various nail polish formulas and one of the newest innovative nail polishes is situated somewhere between a gel and a nail polish. Gel polish offers nail art enthusiasts up to three weeks of fabulous color which can be easily removed in a 10 minute process, so if you’re all about fabulous looking nails, take a peek at Kinetics Shield Gel Polish collection created for the summer of 2012 and give the products a try.

The best thing about gel polish is that it can be applied in the comfort of your own home as it applies like a regular nail polish with the exception that it has to cure under a UV lamp. The product delivers the long lasting results of a gel and the beauty and naturalness of a nail varnish, making this a definite must try for women who don’t have time to maintain their nail art or nail color looking perfect every day. Kinetics Shield Gel Polish collection brings into the spotlight some of the season’s hottest hues, so use your favorites to give your nails a perfect finish for weeks in a row. The following hues are included in the collection:

047 Smoky Desert

132 Morning On The Beach

139 Diva

157 Rosebud

160 Demure

167 Melting Ice Cream

173 Ready Red

163 Divine

169 Yes

159 Fashion Blue

168 Pale Petunia

184 Mudness

To achieve perfect results you will first have to push back the cuticles, very lightly remove the shine of the nail using a fine nail file, dust any nail residue with a brush and apply the K-Dehydrator which will ensure a better gel polish adherence. After the nail is dry, apply the Kinetics Shield gel polish base coat which will enable the colored gel to go smoothly on the nail, giving perfect looking results and cure it in the UV/LED lamp until dry before applying the first layer of Kinetics Shield gel polish in your favorite hue. Apply just like a regular nail polish without applying the product on the skin and cure in the UV/LED lamp for 90 seconds (in a 36watt UV lamp) respectively 30 seconds in a new generation LED lamp. You can now move on to the application of the second layer of Kinetics Shield gel polish color which will offer the nail a more uniform, professional look and cure the gel polish in the lamp again. Finish the look by applying the Kinetics Shield top coat and cure it in the lamp as well before you proceed to removing the sticky layer formed using a special Di-Tack cleanser, so you can enjoy a perfect looking manicure that will last for up to three weeks. Give this innovative nail color formula a try to make sure your nails look fabulous from day to evening!

Photos courtesy of Kinetics