Celebrities love fashion, so no wonder that reality star diva Kim Kardashian sports the latest trends in everything from hair to nail colors. If you want to make sure your nails are up-to-date with the new trends, check out Kim Kardashian's fav nail colors in 2011 as they are definitely hot!

Kim Kardashian has proven her style-diva status by always being up-to-date with the latest tendencies. Nails are definitely a detail which shouldn't be overlooked as well manicured hands will always manage to complete your look, so no wonder Kim Kardashian always sports some fashionable nail polish shades.

If you like Kim's ladylike allure, check her favorite nail colors she's been snapped wearing in 2011. From fashionista reds to vampy burgundy or creamy neutrals, all these shades top the 2011 nail color hot list!

Kim Kardashian Nail Art

Tangerine nails remain a popular favorite during the hot season. The red color spectrum is quite rich, but this summer, the brighter the better as far as nail color goes! Opt for a simple, one color manicure or use your imagination and experiment with various nail art designs. Get half-moon nails for classy mani, floral nail art to complement your favorite flower prints or wear the color blocking trend right at your finger tips and combine tangerine with bright pink, purple or green.

Kim Kardashian Nail Color

Nude is definitely the buzzword this summer as far as nail polish color goes, so make the best out of your nails by opting for your favorite nude shade. Kim Kardashian's creamy nude nail polish looks wonderful and adds a touch of classic to her look. If you're looking for a subtle, simple, yet fabulous nail color, go for a neutral shade. One or two simple coats of nail polish is all you need to make your nail look fabulously stylish.

Kim Kardashian Nail Art Ideas

If you're all about bringing drama through your look, a vampy dark nail polish is the perfect match for you. Opt for matte finishes to make a statement, or glam-up your nails by going for shimmery or glittery polishes. Apply a base coat before applying the nail color to avoid any pigment transfer onto the nail bed.
If you feel this nail polish is too bold for your style, opt for a colored French manicure as this way you'll be able to diminish the dramatic effect, but still add a heavy dose of drama to your look.

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