As we slowly enter into the new season, we’re faced with different style challenges. Aside from the new season shopping lists and the must-have pieces for a trendy look, welcoming the new season also means making certain changes in terms of nail art. Although a fairly subtle detail, nail designs can certainly help you make a powerful fashion statement or simply define your style a little better.

Nail designs can be difficult to envision, however, with the right sources of inspiration, things can become a lot simpler. Minna from Glitz8Glam is always coming up with creative and alluring nail art designs and makeup ideas that can work for a variety of tastes and preferences and we are certainly conquered by many of the styles she envisions.

With a multitude of styles that range from simple to complex or casual to sophisticated, we can certainly see that there are a lot of viable interpretations in the area of elegance and refinement. From the color choices to the overall styles, there are a lot of details that can create a distinctive vibe. Color choices like gold, silver or shimmery hues can add a touch of refinement to a simple manicure, while intense detail-rich themes immediately capture attention. The focus can be placed anywhere, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Combining seemingly opposing themes can have a surprisingly pleasant effect due to the rather unexpected effect that can be achieved this way. Geometric shapes and motifs combined with floral ones are a prime example of this concept successfully put into practice. Multidimensional effects are other simple ideas that can pay off if you are looking for a way to spice up a simple manicure style.

Fabulous nail art designs can be created regardless of the skill level with patience and a desire for improvement. Abstract nail designs can be a good start for those who are just getting started with nail art as it allows a great deal of flexibility. Selecting the best tools and nail products is also a mandatory condition for success. Select simple, versatile styles and gradually build up to more complex patterns for best results. Leave no detail to chance for the new season. From your fashion style to your beauty choices, every single detail can have a powerful impact on the overall impression you manage to create, so amp up your style factor with interesting nail art designs that will put you under the spotlight every time.

Photo courtesy of Glitz8Glam