Perfectly smooth nails look gorgeous and help create the best looking manicures. There are several factors which can influence the aspect of the nails. Trauma, unhealthy eating habits and improper nail care can lead to certain nail problems.

Nail ridges appear under the form of waves, nail elevations which can be horizontal or vertical. These nail ridges will appear more visible if polish is applied on the nails. Horizontal nail ridges can be caused by an injury or trauma caused at the base of the nail. The trauma will cause the nail to form ridges as it grows.

Vertical ridges in the nails can be caused genetically or by traumatizing the nail growth area. This will cause vertical ridges to form on the nails. These ridges can form on the fingernails as well as on the toenails and they create a very unaesthetic look.

In order for your nails to look their best you need to:

always protect your nails with gloves when doing household chores to avoid traumatizing the nails. This will prevent any more damage from occurring

file the ridge gently with a nail file. File the ridge only in one direction and make sure you don’t file the surrounding nail to cause even more damage

protect your nails with clear nail polish to strengthen and protect your nails. That way your nails will remain strong as the ridges grow out. Sometimes the only way to remove the ridges is by allowing the nail to regenerate and grow out the ridge

moisturize and soften your nails with lotion designed especially for the nail. This will allow the nails to grow healthier

eat healthy to ensure your nails are receiving all the vitamins they need for normal nail growth. Your nails need calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin B to grow healthy and strong. By ensuring enough vitamins for the nails, the ridges might be eliminated quicker

Maintain and care for your fingernails as well as your toe nails because a beautiful manicure begins with healthy, strong looking nails.