Caring for nails is just as important as for our face, legs, neck etc. As one of the most exposed body parts it can reveal so much about our body care. Hangnails are one of the most common nail or skin disorders that can be prevented with a few steps. Those who bite their nails are often associated with this problem however this tiny detail can also reflect a lot about our general health.

The best way to pamper our nails and make up for the constant work we expose them to is to reduce the chance of having any disorders and damages. Skim through the professional tips on how to prevent hangnails.

The name given to this problem might be misleading, Hangnails in fact belong to cuticles or the skin that surrounds the nails. It might seem that due to the hard texture these make part of our nails. The truth is that due to the contact with different harsh factors the skin might damage and tear. These tiny skin strips when not dealt with can cause infections and other complications.

The only way to avoid their appearance is to devote more attention to our nail care. First and foremost those who bite their nails should immediately start getting rid of this bad habit .

It’s not easy but with a few tricks it can be possible to strip this addiction. This is the best known cause of hangnails that’s why it is important to stop torturing your nails.

Indeed this is not the only cause of hangnails. Dehydrated skin can become extremely prone to deterioration.

Proper moisturizing can be the key to have a beautiful manicure. It is highly recommended to apply a soothing and nourishing lotion or cream to your nails at least twice a day.

If you want to go for the green way, you might consider using some olive oil or nice nail soaks to offer a rehab session for your nails and hands.

The tearing of the cuticles can lead to hangnails that’s why start experimenting with some overnight treatments as applying some Vaseline or a simple but hydrating lip balm to your cuticles. This will soften them making them more resistant to any damage. Start a habit of this nice spa ritual and you’ll spare yourself of further problems.

Some have the awful habit to bite off hangnails. It’s the worst you can do to your nails and skin. Moreover you’ll increase the chance for the appearance of other hangnails and you won’t be able to get rid of this disorder ever. The best solution is to use a pair of sterilized manicure scissors and cut it off gently. Use an antibacterial soap to cleanse the affected area and cover it with a bandage.

Avoid dipping your hands into harsh chemicals. Those who expose their nails to detergents and different soaps might experience the formation of hangnails. Gloves are the guarantee to protect your nails. If you feel these uncomfortable, read the labels and opt for products that are skin-friendly and won’t contain any harmful ingredients.