Well manicured nails look fabulous and can help you fell and look much better as your nails are always in sight. Every girl loves to have a manicure which suits her style, but unfortunately their effect doesn’t last for long as nail polishes can chip away and the result is not pleasant.

Learning how to make your manicure last longer can help your nails look gorgeous for longer, so you don’t have to redo your nails every few days. Some of these tricks can help you maintain your manicure intact for up to 10 days so this can be highly beneficial for anyone who loves to have well manicured nails. There are a variety of manicure designs to inspire yourself from and with a little bit of practice you can become an expert in doing your own nails, allowing you to same a pretty nice sum of money by not having to turn to a salon to get your nails done. If you are looking to make your manicure long lasting try to take the following tips into account as they can help you maintain a perfect manicure for more than a week:

Don’t add nail polish thinners to prolong the life of your nail polish as this will only help the nail polish chip and peel off, lowering the chances of a long lasting manicure. Keep your nail polish in a cool place and away from sunlight to ensure it doesn’t thicken so you can use your nail polish for longer without having to purchase a new one or add thinners to the bottle.

Before you apply any nail polish to your nails make sure there is no residue covering the nails such as water, oils, acetone, etc, as they will prevent the nail polish from fully adhering to the nail, shortening the life of your manicure. Use special cotton pads which do not leave any lit behind and dip them into special nail surface sanitizer to clean your nails and prepare them for coating.

Before applying your favorite nail polish apply an adhesive base coat which is a clear looking nail polish which will ensure the nail polish will adhere better to your nail, preventing the nail polish from staining your nail and prolonging the life of the nail polish.

Apply your nail polish uniformly and allow the nail polish to dry completely before adding another coat of nail polish to make the color more powerful. This way the nail polish will be able to dry quicker.

Apply a base coat over the nail polish and insist especially around the parts of the nail which has been clipped or filed to seal the nail polish, preventing the nail polish from chipping off when in contact especially with water.

Allow your nail polish to dry completely and keep in mind that this can take up to half a day before subjecting your nails to heat and hot water. Avoid taking hot baths, blowing hot air on your nails or anything which could ruing your gorgeous nails before they are completely dry. Try to get your nails done in the morning or the afternoon to allow them enough time to dry and not in the night as you might risk getting sheet marks in your nail polish.

Moisturize your nails as your nails need moisture to prevent the nails from peeling, allowing your nail polish to be applied on a healthy surface which will not peel along with the nail polish.

Experiment with different nail polish colors and designs as there are a variety to choose from just so your nails can look fabulous and different every single time.