Our manicure contributes to a favorable first impression more than we can imagine whether we are talking about a first date or even a job interview. However, although most of us acknowledge the importance of a well done manicure and of a polished look in general, time is often not on our side when we try to emphasize our beauty.

Fortunately there are a lot of quick beauty fixes we can take advantage of to ensure that our beauty doesn’t have to suffer despite of time shortages. With the help of a few cleverly designed tips and tricks we can make sure that our manicure is ready in no time and that it lasts longer as well.

When trying to create a perfect manicure the stages are equally important for success. Each stage should be managed with complete care in order to ensure that you will be completely pleased with the end result. If you neglect the process of priming your nails and don’t properly remove all the natural oils from the nail bed before applying the base coat for example, you minimize the chances of having the long-lasting manicure you desire.

It’s important to realize that one of the main reasons why nail polish takes so much time to dry and often tend to chip so quickly is that the coating layers are often too thick and uneven. Taking time to evenly distribute the coating by using thin layers will definitely contribute to better results and less frustration.

Make sure you remove excess nail polish from the brush by placing the brush against the top of the nail polish bottle and then carefully apply it on the the nail. After applying the base coat is important to wait at least one minute before applying another coat or else the nail polish will tend to smudge and will dry a lot harder than usual.

Of course, opting for speed dry nail polish is an obvious solution to make sure that your manicure is done quickly. These types of nail polishes tend to be inexpensive and deliver quick results, however they can have a minor downside especially during the summer when the sunlight can cause the top coats to turn yellowish. To counteract this tiny disadvantage try choosing a nail polish that has UV filter in it for an optimal protection and complete satisfaction.

If you choose not to purchase a speed dry nail polish there are a few solutions you can try with your regular nail polish as well to get a better manicure. Keeping the nail polish in the fridge for 15 to 20 before applying it will help speed up your manicure routine. Alternatively, using the cold air setting of your blow dryer will most likely have the same effect. Placing your hands in front of a fan is another quick solution that you can try. Choose the method that is the most convenient for you.

Another popular method to speed up the nail polish drying process is to use ice cold water. Contrary to popular belief the nail polish will not smudge if this technique is applied correctly. To try this method you will need a small bowl where you should put enough water to cover your fingernails properly. Adding a few ice cubes to lower the temperature would make the whole process even more efficient. If the water tends to be lukewarm the whole process will be compromised. After making sure that the water is cold enough and your manicure is finished you should slowly sink your hands into the water and wait for at least 3 minutes before removing them from the water.

A more recent method that can help you enjoy perfectly manicured nails a lot faster is the UV light nail dryer. This is probably the fastest method as those who used it claim that they managed to have perfectly dried nails in as little as 30 seconds regardless if the method was used on natural nails or on acrylic nails. Moreover, the price seems to be consumer-friendly, another characteristic that recommends this product for home use.