How many times haven\’t you yearned for those great nail polishes, which you never dare to wear. Choosing the right nail color for your manicure is very important because it helps complete your look, and it helps create well groomed nails.

Nail polish trends change every year, but that doesn\’t mean that the colors suite everyone. There are some colors that simply just don\’t match with certain skin tones, so you must be careful when you choose your lacquer.

During summer nail polishes are brighter colored, the colors are meant to match the fashion trends and the warmth of the season, while in the colder seasons, the nail polishes tone down, going towards darker colors, more earth toned. One of the best things about nail polishes is that you can find them in every color and in a variety of shades.

To choose the best nail polish for you it is best to test the color on your hands. You might love the color but you might be surprised that the color doesn\’t suite you and vice versa, and this is due to your skin tone. Here are some tips to help you choose the right nail polish color:

check to see your skin tone, because according to your skin tone you will be able to determine what nail polish color would suit you best. Find out which color suites your type of complexion best. One of the best ways to find out though is to test the color on your nail

make sure you pick a nail polish which offers your hand the best advantages. You can choose the same tone of nail polish in a matte or pearly finish

consult with your manicurist because she has enough experience to recommend certain colors which would suite you. This way you will be able to make your choice easier

if there are testers available make sure you try the nail polish before you buy it. Don\’t apply a little bit on the tip of your nail because you will not be able to determine exactly how the nail polish will look. Apply the nail polish on your entire fingernail and try applying two coats. Usually nail polishes are more visible if two coats are applied and the you might be surprised of the difference it makes.

Experiment with your lacquers so you can look great. Your nails will appear well manicured and help you look amazing.