The contrast between your skin complexion and the color of the nail polish can emphasize you in an elegant and sensual way. First of all, one important thing you should do is to coordinate the color you have chosen with your skin complexion. The shade of the nail polish has to compliment the color of your skin and not to point it out in an exaggerated manner. Therefore, according to your skin complexion, here is a small guide on how to choose the right nail polish.

According to your skin tone

Fair skin. In this case you should choose darker colors with blue base. Strong reds with pink hues, as well as berry colors such as strawberries, raspberries or cranberries are a great option. You can also go for medium red shades or bright pinks. If you have very fair skin, you should avoid wearing light blue, gold, green or yellow colors when it comes to nail polish.

Medium skin. Women having medium skin must choose darker reds like burgundies and wine colors with a yellow and a blue base. If you have an olive skin, neon pink, blue and orange, or metallics like blue or silver are a good choice. Avoid dark blue and violet.

Darker skin. For this type of skin almost every possible color is appropriate. However, the most recommended are deep red and plum. Pink, violet, light blue and chocolate will work too. One color that should be avoided is bronze as this is to close to your skin complexion.

Based on the occasion

Choosing the right nail polish based on your skin tone is not enough. As beautiful and clean nails always make a good impression, it is crucial that you choose the nail polish according to the event or occasion you are heading to.

On a business meeting or for a job interview you should opt for neutral shades that are not drawing the attention of the interlocutor. This will give you an air of professionalism. Make sure your nails are clean and polished. Try nail polishes with transparent texture in shades of pale pink, beige or cream, which will add elegance to your look. A French manicure would be a smart choice too.

For a night out or an evening party try a more intense and dark color. Red nail polish is extremely feminine and it works great with a lipstick in the same color. You can also choose gold, silver, and bronze.

Other tips

Always test the nail polish you are about to buy in order to see if this one matches to your skin complexion. In every store, at the cosmetics department, there is a tester for every color for you to try it. Apply the nail polish on the entire nail, otherwise you won’t be able to see if that shade really works with your skin tone. Take your time and apply all the two coats that are meant for a perfect manicure. This will help you make the right decision.

For a fun and flirty summer look, you can try out pastels like purple, green, blue and pink, and choose the perfect shade of these colors which matches your skin tone.

If you choose a darker nail polish, avoid wearing rings, and go for simple jewelry without too many colored gems.

A shiny nail polish adds a bit of refinement to any look, and it works great with sexy and romantic outfits.

You can also choose your nail polish according to the lipstick colors that flatter you.

If you still don’t know which color of nail polish suits you the best, you could try getting professional advice. You could ask your manicurist for color advice. She will know what are the best shades for you, and she could also talk to you about the latest trends in the business.