When your favorite colors of nail polish start having problems, you should act to keep them around for longer. Try the best tips that show you how to save old nail polish.

On one hand, nail polish doesn’t even go bad in the sense that it’s not a proper environment for bacteria growth and it doesn’t break down. However, when you keep it for too long, generally years, you end up with gooey nail polish, as it separates the liquid and solid parts. The liquid ingredients tend to evaporate even if you store it correctly, but there’s always something to be done.

When is Nail Polish Too Old?

You can tell nail polish is getting too old when its consistency changes. Gooey nail polish can be rescued easily, but if you discover a bottle you’ve kept for years that’s almost completely hardened, it might prove more difficult.

If the nail polish clumps when applied or cracks on your nails in less than 24 hours after application, it’s too old and you need to either take care of it or throw it away.

Tips For Fixing Nail Polish

How to Save Old Nail Polish?

The right way of keeping nail polish useful is thinning it out. Nail polish remover is often used to fix old nail polish but this isn’t the best way to go.

First of all, nail polish remover, and especially acetone, can ruin it completely. If you need a quick fix and it’s the only solution, you shouldn’t add more than a drop for regular sized nail polish bottles. Shake the bottle very well and let it sit for a few minutes so there aren’t any bubbles before applying it.

A much better solution is nail polish thinner. You can find products like the OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner or Develop 10 Nail Polish Thinner in most drug stores and also online for small prices. Follow the instructions correctly and you’ll extend the life of your nail polish.

Now that you know how to thin old nail polish, you should also be prepared for the situation in which it comes out too thin. You can’t go back and use less thinner or nail polish remover, so your main option is to start with a good base. Use white or any other neutral color and apply a very light base before the main color to get a better effect.

Old Nail Polish Tips

What to Do with Old Nail Polish Bottles

When your nail polish is either all used up or simply not suitable anymore, you don’t have to throw away the bottle too. Clean it with a strong nail polish remover and you’ll be able to recycle it for a variety of purposes.

Nail polish bottles are great ways to store anything from loose eyeshadow to glitter or sequins. They’re also useful as burning stick holders and thanks to their shape and weight, they’ll never topple over. Storing small quantities of paint or lacquer for your furniture inside old nail polish bottles is another great way of reusing them.

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