As the name reveals, a half moon manicure presupposes a totally painted nail with a tiny half-moon left bare or colored lightly at the base of every fingernail. To create the vintage glam look you’ll need:

– a dark colored nail polish

– a lighter colored nail polish (for the half-moon if you want it painted)

– stickers

First of all do the routine nail care ritual, then apply the base coat which will prevent your nails from suffering any damage. Next, apply the stickers to the base of your fingernails. If you don’t have special ones designed for this mani, you might cut out some stickers to this shape.

These will extremely ease your job, you’ll see. Now, after the stickers are on, paint the bare part with the shade you planned to use. The stickers will protect the half-moon area. Then leave the nail polish to dry for 10 minutes. After that remove the stickers, finally apply a top coat for a natural glow.

Some might wish to combine two shades, one for the half-moon and another for the rest. Then the best advice is, after the base coat dried, apply a layer of nail polish with the lighter shade or with the tone you wish to paint the tinier area with.

Then leave it to dry completely, 20 minutes would be enough. Then place the stickers on the base and apply the next coat, leaving the half-moon protected. Voila! The final result would be a two-toned half-moon manicure. Practice it to become a real pro in nail art.

Many celebrities seem to have great pleasure in wearing the half moon nails, Dita von Teese is only one of them. She seems to have a fatal attraction for it, never leaving the house without a polished half-moon manicure.