The wonderful world of nail art has conquered the hearts of women all over the world, who in return paid a contribution to the expansion of the designs that are now far from simple. The new season is bringing into our attention an array of gorgeous nail polishes to use when prepping your nails to perfection, so if you wish to make the best out of your nails, take a peek at the following gorgeous nail art designs for summer 2012 created by talented nail art blogger Nail Rouge.

Drawing attention to an array of fabulous nail art designs that feature the hottest nail polish shades of the season, Nail Rouge chose to display relatively easy to do nail art designs to draw inspiration from, so take a peek at these chic nail art designs and let your nails take all the attention this summer.

Nude is definitely the buzzword when it comes to beauty and style this summer, so turn towards nude colored nails to underline your fashion forward personality. The soft and natural look obtained through nude nail polish conquers from first glimpse and can help achieve a certain sense of romanticism that is just irresistible. There are an array of lovely nudes to choose from, so create various monochrome nail art designs or mix and match your fav nude with red, black or gold nail polish to obtain an eclectic color block design. Add-ons such as rhinestones can help give a more glamorous allure to your mani.

Red is timeless when it comes to nail polish and the vast array of gorgeous red varnish hues to select from make it possible to choose the perfect red shade for every personality. Whether you opt for a simple red nail color or you choose to spice things up by mixing your favorite red lacquer with another hue such as nude or gold, your red manicure will be a magnet for attention. Add more glamor to your nails by mixing up a fierce animal print design, a lovely half moon pattern or an array of rhinestones and other glittery add-ons as they have a heavy visual impact.

Pastel colored nails are also super popular this summer season and there are so many gorgeous and sizzling hot hues to choose from, it’s incredible. Turquoise, purple, orange and pink are the must have pastels, so use them individually or mix them with matching hues to create intricate nail art designs that will steal the spotlight at any event. From simple color clashing hues to ombre nails, highly embellished nail art and floral motifs anything goes, so let your imagination go and forget about symmetry as this is no longer a requirement when it comes to fashionable nails.

Photos courtesy of Nail Rouge