When it comes to your nails, the sky is the limit and nail art bloggers are raising the bars when it comes to the sophistication of the designs. With an array of vivaciously pigmented nail polishes you can create endless nail art designs that not only help boost your stylish appearance but help attract plenty of attention. With plenty of nail art designs out there to draw inspiration from, choosing the right designs for the new season is not easy, so we’ve decided to put together a selection of amazing nail art designs for summer 2012, designs created by talented nail art blogger Junx-Higashikakogawa.

Creamy, high shine nail polishes are the perfect picks for the summer season and with these amazing hues you can create an array of wonderful nail art designs. One way to go when it comes to popular nail art designs that suits every occasion and that can allow you to envelop your nails in a fresh-vibe style, is floral. Floral motifs look amazing and have a certain romanticism that suit girly-girls perfectly. There is an array of flower styles that can be reproduced featuring your favorite hue using a professional nail art brush, using stickers or Konad stamps. Either way, if the result is perfectly recreated, your nails will attract a generous amount of attention, so experiment and create floral motifs on your favorite summery nail polish.

If you’re all about statement nails, you have to be prepared to invest a little bit more time in your manicure as sophistication requires a bit more patience, skill and accessories. This upcoming season color clashing, highly embellished nail art designs are taking over the mani scene, so dare to go bold with everything from rhinestones, glitter, pearls, stripes and abstract motifs. Choose an asymmetric nail art design which features a different nail polish color on every nail or go asymmetric but bold. Color clashing nail polish can help emphasize the design and create a more eclectic-style manicure, so style-up your nails and become the nail art queen of your crew.

When it comes to summer nail art designs, you can’t but think about soft and warm pastels and this 2012 season pastels are a definite must. Match your fun and joyful personality with a fun and fresh looking manicure created using your favorite pastel colors. Go for a different color on each finger, French-style tips, ombre effects or color combos as the options are limitless. Choose colors that have the power to switch your mood to positive and wear your perfectly polished nails proudly!