There are a myriad of nail products and techniques out there to use, so you can create a personalized nail art design that will suit your style perfectly. Nail art has become a definite must, so learn how you can obtain a trendy-chic manicure without spending tens of dollars on expensive salon manicures. There are a few nail art designs which are super popular and look incredibly stylish and feminine, yet don’t require too much skill, so take a peek at the following chic nail art designs and try to recreate your favorite look or draw inspiration for a unique design.

Before learning how to create stylish nail art designs, you should invest in some high quality nail polishes as well as some nail art tools such as a dotting tool just to make things easier.

Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

French tips with glitter or gorgeous nail polish colors can be the easiest way to a stylish nail art design. You can use guiding strips to help you create a perfect line which you can purchase or create your own using scotch tape. Use your favorite color and glam-up your nails using glitter dust or flakes, depending on personal preference. Soft lines and dots created over the French tip can give that high dose of sophistication that grabs all the attention.

Flowers can also be a perfect alternative for a chic nail art design and there are a variety of techniques which can be used to create floral nail art designs. You can add dry flowers to your nails or you can try to create your flowers with the help of the dotting tool or a professional nail art brush and acrylic paint. Use contrasting colored flowers to make the design pop and steal attention, so go for purple, yellow, pink, blue, coral, fuchsia, green, orange as these are the most popular hues to try, especially during the summer.

Chic Nail Art Designs Chic Nail Art Designs

Chic Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

If you’re not too skilled at doing your own nail art designs and wish to start easy, you can apply a nail polish and use nail art stickers to give that sophisticated touch to your nails. Always seal your nail art design using a clear top coat as this can really make a difference. Allow the nail polish to dry completely before applying a top coat to prevent the nail polish from blending and smudging. Pay attention to details and your nails will definitely capture everyone’s attention.

Photos via Amy Blair