Rookie nail painters will need several sources of inspiration in order to practice the various techniques that would make them become a real artist. Therefore if you’re one of the similar freelancers make sure you skim through the following glam nail designs inspiration to have the most stylish patterns to surprise your friends with.

Choose from the versatile styles and prints that would make your manicure a masterpieces especially if you learn how to complete them with precision using a high class nail kit. Take a look at the faddish patterns that can be paired both with acrylic and super-long nails as well as your polished and short trimmed ones too.

Find out the best tricks on how to combine the base shades with additional hues to create the dapper prints and make sure you practice a lot in order to have the desired success. These are some of the DIY designs you can experiment with.

Animal Print Nail Art

Flirting with the idea of going wild with your mani? Then watch out for the coolest animal print nail art that appeals to the voguish leopard, snake, tiger as well as giraffe patterns that are also used with great mastery in the most stylish designer collections. Complement your A-list outfit with similar animal print nail designs and sport them further perked up with additional accessories as gemstones and stickers. Choose your favorite animal print and make sure you devote special care and attention to the application as well as color selection.

Floral Nail Art

Flirty floral nail art rules the latest manicure trends, therefore it is a must to go for it if you feel like sporting a dainty and romantic nail design. Choose from the patterns seen above and make sure you combine shades that create a harmonious effect. Opt for the pale and muted shades if you’re a fan of classy and traditional nail art styles. On the other hand dare to be different and experiment with a wider color palette of vibrating tones and hues that work fabulously if you long for a more exotic and eye-catching manicure.

Fun Nail Art

Don’t take things so serious and play with the visual effect of these fun nail art designs. Similar cheerful patterns would offer your nails a more youthful allure. Make your nails real accessories and change the design to sport a versatile and brand new nail style each time you attend a special event or would like to make an impression on your friends or date. Choose from the stylish dots, plaid patterns as well as flags and even skulls if you crave for a dapper twist in your look. Look through the stylish selection of nail designs and spot the ones that suit your preferences as well as nail art skills.