Taking proper care of your nails is necessary to have flawless manicure and pedicure. Peeling and discolored nails are not very attractive and can be a problem for the most of us.

To get rid of peeling nails you need to make sure you have the right nail file. Most files you buy in a pack of more at drugstores are too rough on nails.

Use a file or a buffer with 4 sides, from rough to soft. Start by cutting your nails and then start filing them using the roughest side of the file until you obtain the desired shape.

Using the second roughest side, file the tip gently as well as the nail itself. Don’t file too much because you will make your nails thin. Take the second smoothest side and file the tip and the nail until you get a smooth surface.

When you are finished use the softest side to add shine to the nail. You can use this side as much as you desire to touch up your manicure.

File your nails once a week and you should have peel free nails. If you wish to make your nails stronger apply nail care products that contain vitamin B. If you have discolored nails you need to make sure you haven’t developed nail fungus. Nail fungus can spread from nail to nail, so it is very important to treat it.

Another thing that can cause yellowish nails is dark nail polish. Dark nail polish can stain the nail through pigment transfer. To get rid of the discoloration use a nail buffer and apply a base coat before using nail polish.