The summer season is knocking at the door, so if you want to look fabulous, you need to pay attention to every detail which can help you underline your natural beauty and fashionable style. Nail art designs are a perfect example of how such a small detail can enhance the beauty of your hands and nails in addition to completing the look of any outfit. There are a variety of nail art designs to choose from, and with the new techniques and the new tendencies set, you’ll be able to find a fun summery nail art design to suit you, in no-time.

You don’t have to spend tens of dollars on a manicure that will only last about a week, or in case of gel nails, a month, you can try to create your own nail art designs as the nail care products available now have made manicuring super-easy. With a little bit of skill and a lot of practice, you can become a master at creating your own fabulous nail art designs, so get all the necessary tools and start creating. Think of your nails as an empty canvas and express yourself through them using colored nail polishes, glitter, nail art stickers, etc.

This summer playing with color can only be a positive thing and there are a variety of cool hues to try. Go for cool neons or shimmer brights as the possibilities are endless and use them individually or combined for amazing results. Pastel hues look amazing, so don’t be afraid to use them. You can trace out the design using darker hues or even white, as this way your nails will look better contoured. You don’t have to be very precise, you can apply the colors asymmetrically for a cool individual look on all your nails.

If you love having fun with your nail art designs, then you should definitely opt for more sophisticated ones which can bring a smile on your face. Cartoon characters, bugs and pets are a perfect source of inspiration when it comes to nail art, so there is basically a vast range of sources of inspiration to choose from. Creating such a nail art design is definitely not easy if you want to hand paint the chosen detail, but for those who are not too skilled, a super-easy choice has been developed. Nail art stickers are easy to use and come in a variety of patterns, just so you can find the perfect print for you. They are applied on the nail and sealed with a clear top coat, the results being flawless and eye catching!

Floral as well as leopard prints look hot and can be a perfect option for a variety of outfit styles. They require a little bit of skill if you want to create the floral or print nail art design using nail polish or acrylic paint, but if you’re looking for an easy manicure that will spare you the effort, you can use dried flowers, nail art stickers or ceramic flower applications. The best thing about flower nails is that you can use your favorite nail polishes and create a different result every single time. Go for simple designs which feature small details or go bold and apply multiple or oversized flowers on your nails to make them a perfect match of your personality.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, as with practice comes skill and you can easily wipe off the nail varnish and create a different nail art design of your liking!