The world of nail art has just bloomed, and the designs are endless. The new nail colors, techniques and nail art tools enable you to create a different nail art design every time you desire, so if you want to have enviable nails, make sure you’ve got all the necessary tools.

Creating your own nail art design is not difficult, practice makes all the difference. Start gradually with simple designs and work your way up to super-glam sophisticated nail art that cannot go by unnoticed. Acrylic paint can definitely help you create stylish and sophisticated nails such as amazing detailed flowers or portraits if you’re really talented at drawing. Think of your nails as an empty canvas which you can use to express yourself.

Fun Summery Nail Art Designs

Fun Summery Nail Art Designs Fun Summery Nail Art Designs

Using different acrylic paint colors and a professional nail art brush can be a simple way to achieve a professional, salon nail look. Apply the acrylic on different parts of the brush and smooth the brush in one stroke over the nail bed to obtain a nice and uniform pattern. Continue in circles to obtain a floral design or do stylish lines to create an animal print design (zebra, tiger). A dotting tool can help your nail art design receive a boost of sophistication, so create small to large dots, depending on personal preference.

A simple nail polish hue can also be a great way to update your manicure, so apply one or two coats of your favorite nail polish color, and your nails will look hot. Red, orange, turquoise, pink, beige and purple are the most popular nail polish hues this summer, so experiment and select the colors that suit your style best.

Fun Summery Nail Art Designs

Fun Summery Nail Art Designs

If you’re not too skilled at creating handmade nail art, use nail decals and stickers or nail art stamp tools (Konad). They can be easily applied on the nail and are going near perfection as nail art stickers and stamps are all perfect copies. After applying the nail art accessory of your choice, seal the design with clear top coat to ensure a long lasting result.

Add rhinestones and bright colored nail polishes so your manicure will stand out. Contrast makes a difference, so use contrasting hues which however work well together. Add glitter and rhinestones to your design as they will instantly glam-up your manicure. Experiment with different nail art designs as the more you practice, the sooner you’ll get to becoming a nail art queen among your friends!

Fun Summery Nail Art Designs Fun Summery Nail Art Designs Fun Summery Nail Art Designs Fun Summery Nail Art Designs

Photos courtesy of Nail Art World