The new season is all about bright and warm colors that create a joyful mood from first glimpse, so complete your fashionable new season wardrobe with a flirt fun nail art design that is in perfect sync with the summer season. Vibrant and mouthwatering hues provide the means to the creation of an array of flirty fun nail art designs, so let your inhibitions go and try to recreate some of the following summery nail art designs created by talented nail art blogger NailsGoGo.

Depending on your style as well as on your skills, you can recreate an array of amazingly detailed nail art designs with barely any effort. With the proper tools, the right tricks up your sleeve and certain nail art accessories you can create breathtaking nail art designs, so dare to experiment as it’s only nail polish!

Fierce contrasting colors can help create an eclectic manicure, so opt for your favorite color clashing combo and let your imagination go wild. Floral and animal prints, dots and even flirty feminine butterflies look amazing especially when created over a colorful base or French manicure, so if you’re all about statement nail art, use fierce hues to create your favorite design. These details can be created with a thin nail art brush but if you’re not too skilled yet, you can turn towards nail art stickers as the effect will be perfect and very natural looking.

If you love doing your own manicure, try to mix various colors or apply a monochrone nail polish over the entire nail and spice things up using rhinestones. These rhinestones can be applied easily on wet nail polish or using a special glue that you can purchase from specialized stores. To make them last seal them using a clear top coat and observe the high dose of glamor your nails receive in an instant through a simple application of the shiny add-ons. The great thing about these add-ons is that they come in a vast array of hues, sizes, shapes and can be applied on your nails in the pattern of your choice.

If you’re not too keen on using vivacious nail polishes, you can still achieve a flirty and fun manicure by opting for soft pastels, nudes and sheer pearl white nail polish. These hues are timeless and universally flattering, so go monochrome and enhance your nail polish with a touch of glitter dust and add-ons or mix and match your favorite pastels and create a soft, sort-of ombre nail art design. A bit of scotch tape strategically applied on the nail can help create a perfect delimitation area between two contrasting hues, so give it a try and spice up your mani every time you wish!

Photos courtesy of NailsGoGo