Have you gotten a chance to see the new Wet n Wild nail polishes inspired by Fergie? If not, we’re more than happy to help you get more familiar with the newest offerings. Of course, since we’re talking about Fergie here, there are no subtle, plain tones to simply coat the nail and go by unnoticed. The newest tones are the farthest thing from plain. From bold tones to glitter and intense shimmer, the new tones strive to be a total game changer.

Star shaped glitter, fine shimmer, eye-popping neons, bold yet festive shades are just some of the fabulous options the star endorses for the new season. If you’re looking for high impact nail polishes, the newest Wet n Wild collection is definitely the right place to find them. Of course, the new tones are inspired by the star’s work, particularly songs that have become hits, adjusted of course to meet the sentiment of the new collection.

Fergie Wet N Wild Nail Polishes 2012

As a result, we have names like Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Take the Stage, Glowstick, Miami Spirit, Ferguson Crest Syrah, Fergalicious, L.A. Pride, XoXo, Dana, Make Them Boys Go Loco, Velvet Lounge, Flossy Flossy or No Place Like Home. You don’t necessarily have to look towards bold edgy pieces in order to make a statement. Coating your nails with these seductive tones can easily do it for you with little effort.

If these fun and trendy tones have drawn your attention, you’ll probably want to get them as soon as possible. Well, with only $4 per bottle, you can definitely indulge. Wnwbeauty.com has a complete list of locations where you can get your beauty fix along with a store locator to find the most convenient location for you.

Fergie Wet N Wild Nail Polishes

Photo via instyle.com