Are faux cuticle tattoos a nail trend that’s here to stay? The answer might be ‘yes’. The concept of cuticle tattoos first emerged last summer when Rad Nails came up with different alternatives for those who wanted to try something other than nail art or nail jewellery for a cool beauty statement, and began offering creative ideas for fun looks. Now, it seems like other beauty retailers are also doing their best to popularize the trend and help it gain momentum.

The most recent example comes from Ciate, which has launched its own range at and at The Ciate Cuticle Tattoos set features 10 Cuticle Tattoo sheets in 5 designs for $12 at Sephora. Faux cuticle tattoos have definitive benefits which can help them become a significant trend, provided beauty enthusiasts are willing to give it a go. For one, they don’t require nearly as much skill and coordination as creating nail art designs, being pretty much stress and mess free and secondly, they’re far less expensive than nail rings. Applying a faux cuticle tattoo is child’s play!

Ciate Cuticle Tattoos

Here’s how it’s done. Selecting the right design and ensuring the size suits the cuticle is the first step. The next steps are to peel away the clear plastic backing and place the sticky side, and to soak the backing paper in water, pressing and holding for about 10 seconds. The final step is sliding the backing paper away and revealing the transfer tattoo. That’s it! To protect the design, it’s recommended to avoid contact with oils. Faux cuticle tattoo removal is even simpler as these easily wash away when desired.

Another plus of the cuticle faux tattoos is that they are definitely a conversation starter and can prove the perfect accessory for fun nights out. What do you think? Have you experimented with the these options already? Are you planning to, or is this trend something you’d rather pass up and stick with tried and tested looks?

Rad Nails Cuticle TattooRad Nails Faux Cuticle Tattoo

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Photos: Sephora, Rad Nails