Beige seems to be one of the "It" nail polish colors of the cold season as it is simple and matches almost any skin tone and outfit colors. The simplicity and paleness of the beige nail polish color attracts subtle attention towards the nails, giving them a certain innocence. <br />This nail polish color matches the new fashion color trends perfectly so make sure this shade doesn't miss from your fabulous nail polish collection!elle.comThere has always been a great amount of attraction related to red nail polish shades and you can definitely see why; this nail color attracts attention as a magnet, enhancing the beauty of the nails. Fire red nails are considered sexy and feminine, plus they match the new 2010 fall/winter fashion trends perfectly. <br />There are a variety of red nail polish shades to choose from, so select the shade which suits your skin tone best!elle.comBurgundy is one of the trendiest colors in fashion this season so it doesn't seem out of the ordinary that it became a popular nail polish shade as well. This type of nail polish will attract a generous amount of attention towards your nails due to the contrast between the hand color and the nail polish. The result obtain will be mysterious and sexy, so make sure to give this nail polish color a try!elle.comBlue is definitely one of the new color trends of the season and there are a variety of blue shades to choose from. This color seems to help brighten up your look, especially if you are choosing a dark monochrome outfit. However, baby blue nail polish doesn't suit all skin tones so if you are looking for a gorgeous look make sure this nail polish shade suits you. elle.comThe fact that black is one of the definite must haves when it comes to fashion and accessories this year is no surprise, as black is a timeless color which suits perfectly the cold season. Black nail polish looks fabulous and can be applied simple or topped with gold glitter for a more glamorous look! <br />This is definitely a nail polish color which should definitely not miss from your nail polish collection is you wish to look trendy and stylish!elle.comChoosing to create a lovely nail art design using black and white nail polish can help your nails attract a generous amount of attention as the contrast between the black and the white is highly visible. This color combination is gorgeous as both colors are highly fashionable this season so mix and match to created the desired nail polish design.