There are a myriad of fabulous nail polish hues out there, it would be a shame not to give the best ones a try. Colors make our lives more beautiful and fun and since nail art designs have become a must have, you should definitely pay as much attention to your manicure as possible. Choosing right is definitely not easy since there are so many options available, but there are a few nail art designs which are uber-popular this season and which can do wonders for your look.

These nail art designs don’t require too much skill and with a little bit of practice you can become a master at doing your own nails. This way you’ll be able to experiment with various nail art designs without spending a dime, meaning you’ll look amazing at no cost.

Fabulous Nail Art Ideas for Summer

Simple red nails look amazing and since red is definitely one of the hottest hues of the moment, you should definitely give this trend a try. There are various shades of red out there to choose from to ensure your skin tone is perfectly complimented by the hue chosen. Apply a base coat to prevent the nail varnish pigments from transferring to your nail and once the base coat has dried, apply your fav red nail polish in one or two simple coats, depending on personal preference. Opt for a matte red nail polish if possible and give your nails that pin-up elegance that is highly appreciated this year.

Fabulous Nail Art Ideas for Summer

If you love to follow the latest trends, you should definitely give nude nail polishes a try. Use neutral shades from beige to taupe and find the perfect match for you. Apply one or two simple nude varnish coats on your nails or go bolder and opt for a fabulous half-moon nail art design. Half-moon nails look amazing and can give your nails a bit of a classic-edge that steals attention. Combine the nude nail polish with a contrasting black or navy for best results. If you’re not too skilled at being steady with tracing out the design, use cut-out duct tape which you’ll use to cover the lunula. After applying the navy/black nail varnish, prior to applying the second coat, apply the nude shade which will help create that fab nail art designs you desire.

Fabulous Nail Art Ideas for Summer

Minx nails are increasing in popularity as they give perfect results that definitely don’t go by unnoticed. Celebrities seem to love their Minx nails! If you’re not too skilled at doing your own nails and you want something unique, Minx nails are the ones for you. Gold Minx nails look hot and suit most skin tones, so give them a try at your local nail salon.

Also, if you love doing your own nails, use a gold and a honey-tone nail polish to spice-up your nails and create a fab animal print design. Your nails will definitely stand out.

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