The new season is filled with excitement as far as nail art designs go as the possibilities are endless. Contributing to the constant development of new designs, nail art bloggers pose as a great source of inspiration for nail art addicts, so if you’re looking for a nail art muse, take a peek at the following eye-catching nail art designs created by Nail-Junx and recreate your favorite looks. The new techniques, nail polish hues and nail art accessories available to choose from enable the development of new designs every time, so put your skills to the test and try to create personalized nail art designs that suit your style perfectly. The following nail art designs are a perfect match for girls and women who love to make a style statement, so dare to go bolder as far as your manicure goes and experience the full power of perfectly polished nails.

Pastel Beauty

Eye catching nail art designs are achieved through heavy details, stylish prints or contrasting colors, so depending on the style you’re aiming for, turn towards one or all of the above stated characteristics. This upcoming season the perfect way to update your mani is through the use of pastel pigments. Pastels look amazing and suit perfectly the new season trends, so pick up your favorite hues and start styling-up your nails. From individually colored nails to tie-dye effects, floral pastel prints, stripes and ombre colored nails anything goes, so let your imagination go wild and let your nails shine this season. To achieve perfect results it’s best to opt for creamy, high shine pastel colored lacquers as their softness helps create a fresh and youthful allure that will instantly complete your casual-chic outfit.

Flower-power Motifs

If you’re all about eye catching, romantic-vibe nails, floral motifs are a perfect solution to consider, so decorate your nails with your favorite flowers colored in your favorite hue as there is an array of flower designs to choose from. Whether oversized, tiny or featuring a 3D style, floral motifs look amazing and can complete an ultra-feminine outfit. Although they have a very sophisticated look, obtaining a floral manicure isn’t all that difficult as there are plenty of nail art stickers, stamps or acrylic 3D details that you can glue on. However, if you’re skilled in painting, you can opt for hand-painted floral motifs that can be achieved easily using acrylic paint and professional nail art brushes. Layer floral motifs on all the nails using contrasting hues for better definition and a bold, flower-power effect or choose to add floral prints on just a few nails to obtain a softer looking manicure.

Nude colors

One of the hottest nail polish hues of the season is nude and this universally flattering hue can be the base to obtaining an array of elegant nail art designs that go from day to evening. The beautifying power of nude colored nails is immense especially if paired with other glam nail art details such as glitter and rhinestones. Choose your favorite nude hue and apply it on all the nails, on the tips only or opt for a cool and trendy half-moon manicure and spice-up the color using silver, gold or even red glitter or rhinestones, the effect obtained being ultra glamorous.

Add-ons look amazing and can be the simplest way to add a more sophisticated allure to your nails. When it comes to these details, the possibilities seem endless as with a vast color palette and a high style diversity such as rhinestones, pearls, glitter, stars, bows, flowers, hearts and many more, you’ll be able to achieve endless manicure designs that scream sophistication with the lowest amount of effort. Apply these add-ons using a special glue (or over wet nail polish) on a simple or abstract design depending on personal preference and don’t be shy to use plenty of details to make your nails shine. Take a peek at these fab nail art options and draw inspiration for your new season eye catching manicure, so you can definitely become the nail art queen you deserve to be.

Shiny Add-ons