What do you associate with yoga? A fun workout, a way to become calmer and banish daily stress, a little well deserved ‘me’ time, an awesome manicure? The last addition might feel rather strange, however this is exactly what your next association might be if you’re a fan of Essie or you’re simply looking for new nail polish tones to pretty up almost effortlessly.

For the days when you’re feeling too busy to make an effort to look fab, spending a little time doing your mani can be quite a treat and might even change your mood for the better, or this is what the label makes us believe. Indeed, a little colorful touch can be quite a reward to remind us how we’ve successfully made progress and logged all the session we’ve wanted to. A fairly inexpensive and ultra effective reward is definitely helpful in terms of motivation.

You might know it already but it bears repeating. All these tones are 3-free, which means you can channel your inner zen worry free. The new soothing tones are perfect for girls and women who don’t need flashy, ultra conspicuous notes to feel pretty. Plus, there’s a good chance these tones will crack you up with their fun names that revolve around life at the gym:Boxer Shorts – a winning blueSpinning Again – a driven brick redPilates Hottie – a zen light lilacMarathin – a fit rosy pinkGym Dandy – a motivated greige brownYogaga – a peachful sandy beige

Good news if you’re lusting after these lovely shades. The label won’t make you exercise your patience as they are already available for $8 each. You can find these lovely lacquers online and at dedicated nail salons worldwide.

Essie Yogaga Fall 2012 Nail Polishes

Photo courtesy of Essie