The Essie and Ralph Lauren collection is one of the collaborations that aren’t extremely intuitive at first since it isn’t what one might immediately expect. Have you ever thought what it would be like if you could match your favorite scent with its corresponding nail polish color? If the Ralph Lauren Big Pony perfumes happen to be among your favorites, you’re in luck as these have just got their own corresponding Essie nail polish color. Essie has replicated the fab tones from the Ralph Lauren Big Pony fragrance collection to perfection.

The new Essie nail polishes are ideal for the hot season being perfect for making a statement during the hot months. Unfortunately, for beauty junkies who have a soft spot for scented nail polishes, these nail lacquered don’t borrow the defining notes of the Ralph Lauren fragrances. This is not to say, however, that the new Essie x Ralph Lauren collection can’t prove an ideal gift for a fashionista this summer as the tones themselves are incredibly alluring. The new shade to choose from are a gorgeous bright yellow, an intense blue tone, a royal purple tone or a high impact pink shade.

Essie x Ralph Lauren 2013 Collection

The Ralph Lauren Pony fragrances and the new Essie nail lacquers are all part of a gift set which can instantly brighten a woman’s day. The Big Pony Gift Set by Ralph Lauren includes the following: Eau de Toilette Spray 1.0 oz, Body Mist 1.7 oz and a Essie Nail Polish. Each set has a particular number which helps differentiate the scents.

If the new new sets sound like the perfect addition to your new season must-have list, you should know that the new Essie

x Ralph Lauren gift sets are already available at and in stores. Each of the sets are currently retailing for $45. Keep in mind that these gift sets are limited edition, so acting as soon as possible is definitely preferable.

Essie x Ralph Lauren 2013 Collection

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