When getting informed about the latest nail trends, we never fail to check out the newest Essie releases. Why? Because the renowned label never fails to capture the hot touches of the moment in a classy and fun way. The usual hot new season tones, however, aren’t the only surprises that the brand is bringing. The label is now adventuring in the nail sticker department and launched its first collection.

The new Sleek Stick nail wrap collection represents a clear understanding of the needs and desires of fashionistas today. “My obsession with fashion doesn’t stop with color…Color sets the scene, but a design conveys attitude,” states Essie Weingarten, Founder and Global Creative Director. The new textured stickers don’t simply adhere to one stylistic direction. Instead, the new offerings play up a variety of fun elements: wild and exotic animal prints for a bold touch, lace for a feminine touch and even a few geometric vibes for those who are concerned with sticking to the latest trends as far as their mani is concerned.

Essie Sleek Stick Spring 2013 Nail Wrap Collection

These fab new nail wraps are meant to take out unneeded complexity as far as nail art is concerned. Getting beautiful nails is now only a few easy steps away. First, you need to ensure that your nails are clean and adequately shaped, then select the right shape and size for each nail, so no mystery here. It’s also advisable to arrange them in the right order to make things easier. Starting the application with your pinky nails is recommended as they’re the easiest ones to handle. Simply peel away the protective film from each sticker and press firmly ensuring you smooth out any air bubble. Any excess will be removed with a nail file. For cuticles, a cuticle stick is the best tool for removing excess. Wait an hour before getting your nails wet to ensure the adhesive has enough time to adhere to the nail bed and enjoy fabulous nails for up to 10 days.

Want some extra shine? Apply a top coat over the stickers. Ready to remove the stickers and experiment with something else? Simply apply cuticle oil around the appliqué and peel off. Done! Craving these twelve fun tri-dimensional appliques? Then look for these at beauty retail destinations worldwide. The Essie Sleek Sticks retail for $10.25.

Essie Sleek Stick Spring 2013 Nail Wrap Collection

Photo courtesy of ESSIE