Magnetic nail polish has gained a lot of popularity during recent months and it seems that variations of the trend are beginning to emerge. Essie might have become well known for keeping things as classic and classy as possible rather than chasing the fad of the moment yet it seems that some trends are simply too hot to resist. But the label didn’t just settle with making a generic version of the trend. Instead, it customized it and gave it a new appeal.

Its newest collection dedicated to the trend is titled ‘Repstyle’ and the name is definitely representative for the options offered. The label uses the classy and luxurious animal skin texture effect to help its customers get the fab manicure they envision without turning to expensive or complicated techniques. Yes, bags and shoes are not the only accessories inspired by the exotic skin texture you can choose from. New alternatives for such trend lovers are on their way.

Essie Repstyle Magnetic Snake Effect Nail Polish Collection

The new alternatives are presented in the same fun and chuckle worthy style we’ve come to know and love. The rich tones are all beautifully emphasized with a name that captures its essence. The star of the collection, Repstyle, is a beautiful desert bronze shade, which matches the festive vibe of the upcoming holidays perfectly. The other fab tones offered are Crocadilly, a fab translucent green, Snake Rattle & Roll, a glamourous metallic silver, a rich blue tone which goes by the name of Snake It Up. Of course, no bold collection like this one would be complete without a gorgeous red, which is aptly named Sssssexy.

Are you feeling magnetically drawn towards the new shades like the brand hopes? If so, you should know that the new shades are set to be released this December and will retail for $11.25, a bit more than the brand’s regular nail polishes.

Photo courtesy of Essie