New additions to the beauty alternatives for the new season also make us face the upcoming realities. There’s really not much time left until school starts and preparing for the occasion properly is imperative. Hello Kitty fans have their makeup options cleverly laid out for them in the Hello Kitty Head of Class collection, but what about a gorgeous mani to match? Well, this is where Essie comes in offering fabulous alternatives for school girls and beyond in the very fashionable collection titled Stylenomics.

The new fall 2012 collection from the brand makes numerous references both to the new school year as well as to the simple ways in which you can look gorgeous without spending a lot of money, investing in classy tones to create a killer mani that will make you feel like a million bucks. As Essie puts it, “this season’s look belongs to women of substance who practice judicious Stylenomics”. The tones, although not as bright and vivid as those of the current season are rich, opulent and uber covetable.

Essie Stylenomics Fall 2012 Essie Stylenomics Nail Collection 2012

One of the most wonderful things about the collection is that the tones are not suited for a very strict category or an age group but instead cater to the needs of all women combining versatility and richness for an astounding overall effect. Choose between these beautiful tones to stay gorgeous this all season long:

Stylenomics – a deep, opulent greenRecessionista – a smart and savvy magentaMiss Fancy Pants – a refined greigeSkirting the Issue – a gorgeous saturated burgundyDon’t Sweater It – a uber versatile cashemere mauveHead Mistress – a daring red

The Essie Fall 2012 collection shades(ULTA) retail individually for $8 but they can also be purchased in a pack of four containing the following tones: Head Mistress, Don’t Sweater It, Stylenomics and Skirting the issue. The Essie ‘Fall 2012’ Mini 4-Pack retails for $17.