The Essie For the Twill of It nail polish collection aims to capture the spirit of the new season with a variety of spectacular choices which are meant to become instant favorites much like the cozy clothing items we reach for over and over.

The new Essie fall 2013 hues are meant to be like the ‘proverbial boyfriend sweater’, a ‘blazer borrowed from the boys’ in the sense that the shades are meant to become instant favorites. With pearlescent finishes with eye-catching reflective shimmer, the new nail polishes are sure to be a hit among nail addicts.

How exactly can the new Essie fall 2013 nail polishes fit this challenging role? Well, the label explains it best in relation to the fab spectacular fashion choices which are always popular for early fall days: 

Essie For The Twill Of It Nail PolishEssie After School Boy Blazer Nail Polish

“The lace is on to set the pace for the fashion season. Go back to cool in an after school boy blazer or positively posh in a twin sweater set. While some have a vested interest in the pursuit of style, other dress just for the twill of it – and then there are those who simply want to put on a cuddly cashmere bathrobe and call it a day.”

Essie Twin Sweater Set Nail PolishEssie Cashmere Bathrobe Nail Polish

Are the new Essie For the Twill of It nail polishes for fall 2013 truly worth the hype? We’d say that the gorgeous new rich tones offered will definitely prove a worthwhile addition to your beauty kit. These trendy shades will make the transition towards the new season smooth and glamorous. Choose between these gorgeous new shades:

The Essie For The Twill of It fall 2013 nail polishes:For The Twill Of It – medium brown with reflective green shimmerAfterschool Boy Blazer – deep midnight blueTwin Sweater Set – vibrant crimson redCashmere Bathrobe – true flannel grayThe Lace Is On – toned pearlescent fuchsiaVested Interest – cool grey teal

Essie The Lace Is On Nail PolishEssie Vested Interest Nail Polish

If you’re feeling tempted to experiment with the new sophisticated shades from the collection and you plan on indulging in some of them, you should probably know that the new Essie nail polishes from the For the Twill of It collection will be released this August, just in time for the new season.

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