Crackled nail patterns are undoubtedly the star nail designs of the season, so if you want to stay on top of the latest trends, experimenting with new shades and designs is an absolute must. The latest Duri nail polish collection is perfect for this purpose as it features 4 seductive shades that will glam up your nail in minutes!

Getting a rather complex looking manicure design used to mean trying fairly hard to acquire some decent manicure skills and paying attention every step of the way in order to ensure that you get everything just right. But, not anymore. At least, not as much as it used to. The shatter nail polish trend was set to change all of that and, judging by the immense success it has had lately, it is pretty safe to assume it has managed to do so.

Crackled nail designs are pretty basic in terms of techniques needed, yet the results are surprisingly appealing. The Duri Krakl nail polish collection offers plenty of options you can use to take full advantage of all the possibilities this trend provides. Keeping things simple, the brand has chosen 4 different shades that easily reflect the summer season. The fun names will ensure that you won't have to make an effort trying to remember your favorite shades.

Duri Krakle Queen of Hearts and Madame de Pompadour Duri Black Widow Crackle Nail Polish

Queen of Hearts - a fabulous playful red shade that will definitely help you play your cards right

Black Widow - a tempting black crackle polish that will ensure the right amount of drama for your nails

Madame de Pompadour - a seductive and feminine shade that will immediately turn heads

White Witch - a deceivingly seductive and classy shade that can provide a fabulous look in contrast with subtly tanned skin

Believe it or not, gorgeous trendy chip-free manicures in addictive shades are not the only trademark of the collection. Aside from these obvious pluses, you will also have the pleasure to discover that the patterns change every time you apply nail polish, so boredom will certainly not be a problem anymore. These new shades are available starting with this month and will be sold for $10 each.

Photo courtesy of Duri Cosmetics