With the immense success of the “50 Shades of Gray” novel, it was bound to happen. Parodies, endless discussions on the subject, countless reviews and now…nail polish. The new initiative belongs to Duri Cosmetics which has a new fall/winter 2012-2013 collection suggestively titled ’12 Shades of Desire’, undoubtedly inspired by the bestseller. If you didn’t already think your mani can be a powerful seduction weapon, the newest tones might just convince you.

Apart from reflecting the spirit of the novel they’re largely based on through some cute and suggestive names, the new tones are also a fabulous reflection of the season’s trends nail polish wise. Here are the covetable new tones:

Bedroom Talk – taupe

You Belong to Me – teal

Behind Closed Doors – deep velvet violet

Oh, My! – coral

Undisclosed Desires – scarlet red

Blinding Obsession – warm orange

Laters Baby! – fuchsia

Pure Vanilla – baby pink

Kinky Pleasures – blue

Provocatively Innocent – red tinted purple

Absolute Intimacy – purple

Indulge My Whim – a combination of green, gold, and holographic sparkle

These lust-worthy tones, like all Duri nail polishes are safe, environmentally friendly and free from DBP, toluene and formaldehyde. The tones from the collection are already available for sale on the label’s website for $6 per bottle and at salons and specialty stores.

Photo courtesy of Duri Cosmetics