Next season search out the most vibrant manicure trends that help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Let the Dior Fall 2011 Nail Bar Collection charm you with a fab repertoire of bold and bright hues. Breaking with the habit of creating a suit-all nail varnish palette, the Dior brand decided to tame the cravings of all fashionistas for psychedelic colors that add a joyful touch to their look.

Beauticians at the famous cosmetic company reveal the idea behind this creative process: “Never before has the color of the new Dior Vernis displayed such lacquered and vibrant shine! A cocktail of shine and sparkle amplifying active ingredients directs pigments and pearly particles to enhance light reflection tenfold.”

 Dior Fall 2011 Nail Bar Collection

The collection includes the following nail polish shades:

Safari Beige Nude

Pink Icing Pink with shimmer

Pink Kimono Bright pink

Psychedelic Orange Orange

Graphic Berry Berry

Perfecto Gray

Massai Red Red

New World Purple Purple with shimmer

Purple Revolution Purple

 Dior Fall 2011 Nail Bar Collection

The Dior nail varnish parade is further completed with:

Rock Coat Topcoat

The Rock Coat Topcoat is the perfect smoky topcoat to crown your manicure design. Due to the semi-transparent formula it can inject subtle elegance and glamor into your nail art. In order to bring out the best of this shade it is wise to combine it with other dark hues.

Vernis Top Coat

The Vernis Top Coat arms up your manicure with a protective shield. Apply a thin layer of this formula over dry nail polish.

Creme Abricot Nail Cream

Pamper your nails with this cosmetic formula. Apply the cream in the evening and don’t forget to massage your nails to make sure they absorb the minerals from the composition.

Image courtesy of Dior Cosmetics