Getting a fun manicure can be a great confidence and mood booster. With the grand variety of styles and patterns available there’s no reason to settle for boring simple patterns. Experimenting with funky patterns or simply diverse colors can be easy if you have the right style in mind. Unsure what to choose? Some of the following nail art designs with ranging levels of difficulty can surely give you some ideas.

Complex floral patterns might be beautiful and extremely feminine, yet there are various ways in which they can be simplified. Abstract nail designs can simplify a more complex pattern tremendously while still highlighting the main theme to a certain extent. But, if you are just beginning, sticking with color combos can be a safer bet. Choosing strong, intense colors will help you stand out without too much effort on your part.

Glitter can be your best friend if you wish to give your nails a festive look that will glow in a matter of minutes. Those who like simple French manicures can easily glam up their manicure with a glittery top coat. While the occasion can definitely influence the style chosen, there’s no reason not to break the normal routines once in a while. However, you can also experiment with simple symbols such as dots or lines for a classy manicure that can be easily created in the comfort of your own home. Once you master the basics, everything becomes easier.

But, while color combos and nail designs with strong geometric components can be funky and modern options that will enable you to express your modern side, you should not underestimate the power that a less colorful black and white nail design can have. Black and white or white and gray can provide a powerful contrast that can instantly draw attention to your nails. If you find the bright nail trends a little bit too much for your tastes, going back to basics can prove to be quite refreshing and fun.

No matter if you decide to stick with the basics and use simple elements such as lines, dots or even checkered patterns or you prefer more fluid and eclectic shapes and patterns, you can always find fascinating nail designs to match your style. Get inspiration from these eye-catching nail designs and dare to try something a little different on your next manicure session.

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